tweet (noun)  /twēt/

1. the chirp of a small or young bird
2. a posting made on Twitter, originally limited to 140 characters

140 Characters is a narrative docu-series about reconnecting to life beyond social media and rediscovering the human social network.

Think Humans of New York meets This American Life lead by a younger and hipper Anthony Bourdain. 

The series documents San Francisco filmmaker, Kyle Keyser, as he sets out in a vintage '69 VW Bus and connects one person to the next, to the next. He explores: What are the stories that bring us together? Who are we linked to, in real life? And where does this lead when the map he follows is one of human connection and not geographical?

Ultimately, Kyle does have a destination. Throughout the series, he is writing to the 140th character, the only one he actually knows. He writes letters, sends Polaroids, and speaks directly to this person, in voiceover, throughout each episode. Themes and narratives are built on top of the documentary, as he shares the intimate ups and downs of what connection, through disconnection, brings.

The series culminates in a poignant reveal centering on this 140th mystery character and Kyle emerges changed. 140 Characters - A Documentary Series is a relevant, layered, docu-series that escapes the digital trappings of social media and builds a physical story through letters, postcards, and Polaroids of 140 characters met along the way.

The series is currently in production and is looking for good talent to join our team. For more information, see Help Out or contact us directly.