Kyle Keyser is a documentary filmmaker whose first documentary, Stories From the Road - A Film About Following PJ Harvey, was heralded as "...the finest rockumentary in quite some time" (British Film Institute review, 2003).

Trailer: Stories From the Road - A Film About Following PJ Harvey

From there, he built a successful web series entitled "," in which he crashed various cultural events based on suggestions from his social media following. Episodes included The Redneck Olympics, NY Fashion Week, The Democratic National Convention (2008), and Atlanta Steeplechase (with Margaret Cho).

View: Series Preview

Kyle has been featured in National Geographic, international film festivals, and was the face of CNN's iReport in commercials that aired internationally.

View: CNN iReport Feature

He is also a published writer. "Love in a Black Jeep Wrangler" was chosen for the 2015 Travelers' Tales humor anthology "Wake Up and Smell the Shit."

Kyle ran for mayor of Atlanta in 2009 as an advocacy candidate for better public safety and, as he likes to say, he “didn’t come in last.”

View: Kyle Keyser for Mayor '09

Kyle is an ordained minister, and DJ, and he once terrorized Berlin in a pink gorilla suit... all of which can be seen at